The inimitable Landshark will keep you on the edge of dry land Monday through Friday from 4-8 pm (Arizona Time) on Deep Oldies.  With his main squeeze Moonflower and pet dog Cujo, he will keep you in stitches with his wily, wet humor! Email him at


Landshark was born on Dry Land to three rich hippie parents. From birth Landshark found himself drawn to the beach and water. In his early teens he began being thrown out of neighbors’ pools and bathtubs. Which eventually led to a court order requiring Landshark to live within 50 miles of the beach. Soon Landshark began cruising the beaches of southern Cali only to find he needed money. Being a stand-up Shark comedian led to radio.

Since the late 70′s until present Landshark has frequented the beaches of the upper eastern seaboard to south Florida and the Gulf. Of course, So Cal is still by far his favorite! Now Landshark runs an internet radio station which bears the name of his birthplace, Arizona’s Real Rock Radio. During his off time he patrols the beaches and coves looking for unsuspecting listeners who need a dose of Deep Oldies. Remember if you meet him on the street be prepared to give up an appendage or at least buy him a refreshing beverage! (btw his favorite beverage: Cherry Coke Zero). Hear Landshark Weekdays 4-8pm (MST).

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