Monthly Archives:July 2017

“Baby Alligator Found In DO Pond”

The Deep Oldies staff wold like to thank who ever the prankster was the left the baby alligator in the studio pond after the “Monthly Staff Meeting and Luncheon”.  The baby gator which we fondly named “Chompers” has been captured and turned over to the Wild Life Zoo on the west side where he will able to live and long and happy life.  Side note, has anyone seen the studio dog????

“Herrick at Night?????”

Rumor has it that Chris “I am not a fish” Herrick is in negotiation with Andy about doing a week night show 3 days a week…the sticking point of course is “salary”.  Chris is demanding “$0.00/ hour” and Andy is offering “$0.00 / week”.  They still seem to be a long ways apart.  More news to follow as this progresses.

“Hot Rod in The Hot Seat”

Jimmy “Hot Rod” Phord found himself in the “Hot Seat” once again on 4th of July weekend.  No he wasn’t stealing John Deere’s after too much Ram Sauce this time.  Apparently Jimmy’s little farm might be growing something more then corn and barley.  Jimmy was overheard telling investigating officers “I have no idea how that got into my fields”.  When being taken away Jimmy could be heard yelling “Another Gringo Goin’ Down” and “Cracker’s Live Matter”.   More to follow.