Charmi is not only a member of the air staff but is deeply involved in the background operations of the studio.  She is on-call 24/7 to  handle any emergency that may come up at the studio such as the coffee pot being empty.



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  1. June Bowden says:

    Hi Charmie, I hope this reaches you. I found you last week, by accident. My love of this music stems from my teens and early childhood when I listened to the pirate stations broadcasting from the North Sea. Maybe to my shame I know more about this music than ever they could teach me about history. Although I was a swat and did my best to please my teachers and get good grades so I could work I could not wait to get out of class so I could listen to the fabulous music of the sixties and beyond. Not into burglary I reckon I’d kill for your mike lol! Good job I’m in the little old U.K! I daren’t start listening till I’ve done all my chores and been out with my Labrador, Rosa. She’s a bit special, just like the music. Keep up the good work.

  2. June Bowden says:

    Hi Charmie, I am sure you are dreading tomorrow and I am sincere when I say I am. It’s amazing how quickly I warm to and connect with someone who loves this music and you sound like such fun. I will need my tissues. Good luck.

  3. Scott Galbraith says:

    Hi Charmie:
    Firstly, you an awesome radio personality, and your programming is wonderful. Don’t change a thing!
    Secondly, there is a song in your rotation, “Sidewalks and Avenues” by the Second Edition. I’ve never heard the song before I started listening to your station – and I love it. Do you know where I can purchase a copy? Thanks! -Scott

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