“Help Keep Us Commercial Free”

Deep Oldies is 100% listener supported.  This is how we stay commercial free.  Our staff is all volunteers.  Even though our costs are very low compared to BROADCAST radio, we still have bills.  We have a studio to maintain, electricity bills, and most expensive of all, music licensing fees.  As of Jan of 2016 our fees have increased almost 600%.  Most small internet radio stations have closed up shop.  But our mission is to stay on the air no matter what.  Please help us out and make a donation.  You can make a one time donation or use a 6 month subscription plan.  We have provided links below to make it easier for you.  The Staff of Deep Oldies thanks you in advance for your support.

One Time Donation

$20 per month for 6 months




$40 per month for 6 motnhs




$60 per month for 6 months




$80 per month for 6 months




$100 per month for 6 months






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