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Welcome to the First Day of Deep Oldies!

January 16th, 2010 / / categories: What's Up /

Well, the station has been in planning stages for quite a while–the music library is in — the air-staff has been assembled — the stream has been christened — and DO is now broadcast it’s unique mix of Deep Oldies. Welcome to the station and let me introduce the talent:

Angela Allen-  8am – 12 noon Monday through Friday

Angela Allen started in radio as a teen-ager in southern Indiana. She was fired from her first job for recording over the commercials as they played, a mistake easily made by anyone who doesn’t know to only push the green button, not the green button AND the red button. It was her first brush with reverse echo. She arrived in Phoenix on a cool early March in 1987 was slapped on the air in middays completely ignorant of being the replacement for a Valley legend, Mike Farrell. In spite of that, eventually listeners succumbed to her incessant lampooning of the morning man and decided she was okay. She got to meet famous people like Joe Bob Briggs, Bert Convy and Bart Starr, but more importantly, worked with Liz Boyle who would remember her with kindness the day she stood outside the Alpha Beta with an alms cup. After working in Tucson and getting involved with improv, she moved to Los Angeles, got her butt kicked in auditions, got to take classes from Nina Foch and returned to Indiana in 1992. Back to Phoenix in 94-95, she worked with Andy Olson, then back to Indiana by way of New Orleans. She’s proud to be involved with Deep Oldies and Radio Free Phoenix, and is very glad to be welcomed back into the congress of radio folks who have a passion to do this amazing thing. Hear Angela Allen weekdays from 8am-12 noon (MST) on Deep Oldies.

Charmi O’Connor-  12pm - 4pm  Monday through Friday

Charmi O’Connor consists completely of melted down vinyl 45’s and 33’s from the 50s, 60s, and 70s – and a mouth. And a love of great sounds that have emanated from rock and roll musicians around the world, all heard on Deep Oldies. Plus huge gratitude for having ears. She states of herself, “Rather than becoming the next world-famous physician or astronaut, in my formative years as a mini-skirted Beatles bird, I found my beak, ears and eyes firmly planted on radio/stereo emanating beloved rock lyrics and melody, the more / the louder, the better. Oh, and play some of it backwards, throw in some feedback and maybe a fuzz bass or a concrete bridge, and you will make me sob for joy even to this day.” As an aside, she always did receive lowered marks in school for her long sentences. She is heard on Deep Oldies weekdays 12noon-4pm, and on Radio Free Phoenix Saturdays 3-7pm (MST)

Charlie Ram - 4pm - 8pm  Monday through Friday

Charlie has a deep history with top 40 in the Phoenix – Tucson, Arizona area. His first job was at a little 250 watt smoke stack called KLRW in Tempe, AZ in 1959 – Charlie then hit the big time on KPHO Radio in 1961 — he was not only was the morning jock, but hosted Teen Swing – a popular TV program where local Phoenix girls danced with the DJ – a fling with a young girl did land Charlie in hot water which caused him to leave town overnight — he spent the rest of the 60′s in small towns around the country using such radio names as Big Chuck, Bull Ram and Handsome Charlie R. — Deep Oldies General Manager, Andy Olson found Charlie sleeping on a bus bench in downtown Phoenix in December this year — When Charlie asked for a handout — Andy recognized the voice — with a warm bed and three squares, a bit of rehabilitation and Charlie was ready to go — to blast back on the Phoenix radio scene — He’s been friends  (and drinking buddies) with those legendary rock stars of the 60′s   — listen to Charlie talk first hand about it on Deep Oldies weekdays 4pm-8pm – Monday thru Friday!