This is the current program line-up on Deep Oldies,
but remember the station rocks on 24 hours a day!!!

Monday through Friday, MST:
8-12 noon     The Deep Oldies Morning Team (Charlie Ram MWF, Chris Herrick TTh)
12-6 pm         Middays with Charmi O’Connor
8-12 am         Deep Oldies Night Train with Mariah Fleming

Saturday, MST:
10-11 am        Fabulous 50s Radio Show with Paul Peters & Geoff Kent
11-1 pm          Rockabilly & Beyond with Miss Holley King
1-2 pm            The Swinging 60s with Geoff Dorsett
2-6 pm            In the Deep Oldies Zone with Dave Cooper
6-10 pm         Deep Oldies Saturday Night with Chris Herrick

Sunday, MST:
10-11 am       The Swinging 60s with Paul Peters
11-12pm         Every Little Thing Beatles Show
8-9 pm           The Pirate Years with Paul Peters, from the British pirate ship Radio One