Mariah Fleming has requested and been granted a sabbatical from Deep Oldies so she can focus on her collection of Wish Nicks.  She has gotten into a contest with her rival from RFP, Lenise Plezia, over who has the largest and cutest Wish Nick.  Hopefully she will be able to return to our airstaff in the future.  Good Luck Mariah, I pulling for you!!!


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  1. Bertil Jøreng says:

    Hi Mariah. Just now i am listening to you live in Norway, loving oldies from 50′s – 60′s. I am a radio host in a commercial english Gran Canarian radio (Kiss-FM – Spain) in the winterseason, and i wonder how you finance your Deep Oldies with no Commercials. I guess only donations doesn’t pay your bills. Btw, your net transmit is stable og has a good sound due to high sample rate.
    Best – Bertil Jøreng – Norway.

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