“Charlie is currently on hiatus”

Contrary to the Facebook stories, we have AM/PM Mini-Mart surveillance video of Charlie walking free among the land of the living.  The rumors of him becoming a permanent resident at “The Meadows” in Wickenburg, AZ have been greatly exaggerated.



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  1. Scott Galbraith says:

    Hello, On Friday morning, Charlie Ram played a song that stopped me in my tracks, Sidewalks and Avenues, buy the Second Edition. I would so much like a copy of this recording and was wondering if you could help me locate a copy, or even email me the file. I can’t seem to locate the song anywhere. I did find that the song was featured on a three-disc compilation called “Phoenix Panorama” that is now out of print. I would gladly pay whatever is necessary for a copy of the recording. Thank you so much! -Scott Galbraith, Mount Gretna, PA

  2. Stanley Vorce says:

    Wow, Charlie, you must be a twin brother to Andy. You sure know how to share the fun music of our great lives. Thank you so much, sir.

  3. Charlie Ram says:

    Thanks Stanley I don’t know much about this Andy guy except for the Banned Oldies segment that plays on my show – but “I got the music in ME!

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