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Wallace & Ladmo's Greatest Hits & The VIP Club Presents
P-Nut Butter vs The Vibratos!
$26.00 + $3.50 P & H
Jam packed with 37 great 1964-1967 tracks--including two vintage KRUX radio commercials, and just about every track ever recorded by these two VIP Club house bands from Phoenix.  Great notes by Dan Nowicki that tell the story of the bands and the times. The Vibratos had a great BEATLES style and covered the Beatles on their big 1964 Phoenix hit "I'll Be Back." P-Nut Butter played folk rock tinged garage pop and featured KRIZ disc Jockey, Phil Motta on lead vocals. Best known for What Am I Doin' Here With You; Look Out Girl; The Girl From Chelsea (by Gerry Goffin and Carole King); Please Don't Ever Leave Me and Cat Stevens' Kitty. Read about the bands' interaction with the other famous VIP Club house band, THE SPIDERS, who would later find stardom as Alice Cooper. (P-Nut Butter and the Spiders were on the same Phoenix record label: Mascot.) Featuring the following tracks and songs by:

I知 Glad I Knew You
(If I Could Only) Win Your Love
Look Out Girl
On The Road Again
One More Chance
Still In Love With You Baby
Yes Your Honor
The Girl From Chelsea
The Golden One
What Am I Doing Here With You
Please Don稚 Ever Leave Me
You Must Believe Me

I知 Glad I Knew You
She痴 My Girl 
Baby Blue
Hey, Hey, Hey
Hitch Hike
I値l Be Back (false starts)
I値l Be Back (Master)
Itchy (Inst.) 
Something Else 
Something Else (Alt. Version)
I知 Glad I Knew You (Alt. Version)
Standing In The Love Line 
Shake A Tail Feather
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Plus THE VIBRATOS live at The VIP August 1964
When I Get Home - I値l Be Back - Something Else - Baby It痴 You - Hard Days Night
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Wallace & Ladmo's Greatest Hits!
28 great cuts from Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy Band, Hub Cap & The Wheels & the Ladmo Trio. If you grew up in Phoenix in the 60's you watched Wallace & Ladmo and these songs were orginally on the hard-to-find Commodore Condello Mini Albums, The Ladmo Trio's Blubber Soul & a collection of tunes by Hub Capp & The Wheels.

The VIP Club Presents The Battle of The Bands - P-Nut Butter Vs The Vibratos
A Great CD featuring just about every track recorded by two of Phoenix, Arizona's most popular bands in the 60's--P-Nut Butter featured Phil Motta (who later would become a very funny and popular disc jockey on KRIZ). The Vibratos were best known as a Beatles cover band and had a big hit in the Phoenix area with a cover of the Beatles "I'll Be Back". They broke up before anything else was released, so this disc presents 16 never before released songs by the Vibratos. Great stuff available for the first time on CD!
Wallace & Ladmo's Greatest Hits CD
$13.50 + $3.50 P & H
The VIP Club Presents
P-Nut Butter vs The Vibratos CD
$13.50 + $3.50 P & H
The 55th Anniversary Editon of Wallace & Ladmo's Greatest Hits -- Featuring all the great bands and music featured on the Wallace & Ladmo show in the 60's with Mike Condello, Pat McMahon & Ladmo. Mike Condello had a rare talent for Beatle song parodies that became the base for many of the Commodore Condello Tunes. This is a complete CD of really rare hard to find tracks for years available only on the original vinyl 45's they were issued on. Tracks and bands include:

Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha
Pollen's Found A Home In My Nose

Let's Really Hear It (For Hub Kapp)
Work Work
Sigh Cry Almost Die
Bony Maronie
Little Volks
What You're Doin' To Me

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

The Little Drummer Boy

Obese Man
Shapes Of Things
Run For Your Life (Little Brat)

With A Little Help From His Horse
When He's Sixty Four
Lovely Auntie
Ladmo In The Sky With Almonds
Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy Band
A Day On The Tube
Really Big Introduction
Gerald Of Sunnybrook Farm
Sonic Boom
Soggy Cereal
The Time Machine
Closing Credits. Reprise.


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