The the self-proclaimed King Of The Road, Jimmy “HotRod” Phord joins the airstaff at Deep Oldies!

A unique radio talent, Jimmy Phord was born in Norway and moved to the USA when he was very young. Nicknamed “King Of The Road,” he  had trouble staying put in one area too long. He was the voice of the Zowpog, AZ oldies station “KPTZ” (pronounced Kapootz) in the late 70′s and early 80s and hung out with other famous DJ’s of that era,  Angela Allen, Charlie Ram and Ronnie Jensen. Respected in the radio industry, he was able to find an gig wherever he traveled. In June 1982, Jimmy disappeared after an embarrassing incident involving homemade Charlie Ram barbecue sauce and a tractor. He was missing for close to a decade until he slid back into Zowpog under the guise of Art Farmworth, Circle K clerk. This all changed when a member of the city council (while on a beer run), recognized Jimmy and started a movement to clear his name with authorities. This  allowed him to “Go Public” again. Jimmy “Hot Rod” Phord can now be heard on Sunday late morning and early afternoon from 11am to 3pm MST on Deep Oldies



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