The newest weekend DJ on Deep Oldies is Chris Herrick. Chris Herrick got the radio DJ bug at an early age watching DJs from KRIZ & KRUX do their thing at 8th Grade school dances and wound up being the DJ at neighborhood parties. Jump forward about 22 years to 1992 when Chris met Liz Boyle who was an instructor at the Academy of Radio & TV where Chris decided to take a shot at doing a radio career. Chris had a few odd production and board op jobs but never really got behind the mic until May 2009 when he finally listened (“imagine that, me listening”) to Liz telling him he’d be great. Chris decided to host the Radio Freedom program on RFP. He finally got his small home studio and made his debut on Deep Oldies on July 3rd 2010. In his off-air time, Chris does public address work at Westview High School basketball games and audio/video taping. Chris is heard on Deep Oldies from 6-10pm Saturdays, hosing the Deep Oldies Drive Inn, and 3-8pm (MST) Sundays hosting Deep Oldies’ Solid Gold Sunday.

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